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Poceni nočitve v času Posavskega festivala tematskih poti

V sklopu letošnjega Posavskega festivala tematskih poti se bo letos v Brežicah in okolici odvilo 5 pohodov in 1 kolesars...

Ticket from Terme Čatež or Terme Paradiso brings you 20% dis

There are no translations available. Show us ticket from Terme Čatež or Terme Paradiso because it brings you 20% discount on ac...

McH special


In the summer Brežice and its surrondings transform in a real water adventure. Choose the summer package that suits the most ...

Packages for seniors

Mc hostel Brezice is suitable for all age groups,  from the very young to the more mature generation. For a relaxing holiday ...

How to get to us

Not far away from the Brezice Castle, near the largest Slovenian natural spas and the second largest Slovenian tourist center Terme Catez, pearly confluence of the rivers Krka and Sava, there is the Youth Centre Brezice where we provide accommodation, relaxation, socializing and many experiences of your choice. It is suitable for members of all generations from the youngest to those of mature years.

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Brežice and its neighborhood

Next to the confluence of rivers Krke and Sava a town Brezice has developed which is characterised by numerous natural and cultural attributes. It lies near the south-east border of Slovenia, on the crossroads of international routes in a municipality of 25000 people with highly developed urbanistic infrastructure. MC Hostel Brezice is conveniently located in a town's central park near various interest points.


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